About us


Business name: Viet Charcoal Joint Stock Company

Address:  Hung Thinh Ward, Binh Giang District, Hai Duong Province

Office: 13/92 Linh Nam Street, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi

Hotline: +8498 620 4567

Email: sales.thanviet@gmail.com

Website: www.vietcharcoal.vn


Established in 2007, with more than ten years of experiences in manufacturing and exporting hardwood as well as sawdust charcoal. From the very first days with just 4 employees and two charcoal kilns, Viet Charcoal has become one of the largest and leading company within industry in Vietnam. After those challenges and experiences of operation, we can proudly state that our company is one of the very first and best manufacturer. Our employees and experts has reached over 200, as well as nearly 130 charcoal kilns have been built based on Korean and Japanese technology. Viet Charcoal has located all over Vietnam area, from North to Middle to South of the country, there is also a representative office in Seoul, South Korea.

Our supply ability is approx. 250 to 300 tons per month, one of the top exporter to Asian markets such as Korean, Japanese and Middle East market, also the European market. We always set a very high commitment to every single of our product from the Board to the staffs. Furthermore, we also guarantee that our prices are always affordable and reasonable, why? Because we have manufactured long enough, we have exported long enough, with all the technique and experiences that we have earned, we do not use any middle man or sales agent, therefore our prices are always direct prices, which means we produce and sell directly to customers. Customers will not need to pay for those extra hidden costs. Our prices formula simply is: Manufacturer to Customers, and that is it!

We have chosen to manufacture activated charcoal since we believe and learn from the Japanese that our products are good for life, a better environment and for human health. Therefore, we always maintain the BALANCE of manufacturing charcoal and replanting new trees with the ratio of 1/1, which means, one tree that was taken down, there will be another new one be replant.

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– Earn satisfaction and trusts of customers

– Provide a professional working style and services

– Products always reach the highest standard of quality

– Improve the efficiencies and benefits of clients and partners continually

– Stabilize and improve the quality of employees’ life

BOARD of Director

Chairman: Dinh Dat, Le

Manufacturing director: Thi Nguyet, Le

Chief Financial Officer: Dinh May, Le