Briquette Charcoal

The charcoal briquettes are the perfect choice for cooking and baking. Very easy to handle and has an extremely warming value. This is the best choice for baking.

Material: Wood
Shape: Pillow
Size: 50 mm (length) x 40 mm (wide) x 26 mm (height)
Maximum humidity: 8.00%
Maximum ash content: 15.00%
Heating value: 31.38 – 34.19 MJ / kg
Packaging: 10 kg


What is coal?

A cake (or cake) is a flammable material mass used as fuelto start and maintain a fire. Common briquettes are charcoal and biomass briquettes.

Components of coal briquettes

Charcoal briquettes sold commercially for cooking may include:

Charcoal (fuel)
Mineral (fuel)
Mineral (fuel)
Limestone (ash color)
Starch (binder)
Borax (release agent)
Sodium nitrate (accelerator)
Wax (some brands: binders, accelerators, flame retardants).
Chaff (wheat chaff and peanuts)
Some briquettes are compressed and dried into lumps of solid brown coal. This is a common technique for lower ranking coal. They are usually dried to 12-18% moisture, and are mainly used in home and industry.


Charcoal charcoal is made by compressing sawdust without any binder or additives, making it completely natural. Charcoal briquettes are preferred in countries such as Taiwan, Korea, Middle East, Greece. It has a circular hole through the center, with a hexagonal intersection. Mainly used for BBQ because it does not emit odor, smoke, ash, high temperature, and long burn time (more than 4 hours). Only pure wood aroma for bbq meat.


The Benefits of Using Coal Briquettes

Than Coal is easy to light, creating a constant temperature and is ideal for outdoor barbeques that appeal to family and friends.

Lumber can also burn longer than lumpwood coal making it an economically viable alternative.

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