Charcoal supply source – Nghe An


Promoting the benefits of forest and forest land to develop the forestry economy to be a sustainable business for many local people in Nghe An. In addition to promoting the linkage of raw material development with processing enterprises, the expansion of large timber forest business area brings high economic value.

Increase the area of large timber forest

The Provincial People’s Committee has issued a decision approving the Nghe An Forestry Sector Restructuring Scheme up to 2020 with a target of achieving a forest coverage of 57% and increasing the production value of the sector to 4-5. %/ year. The scheme also aims to protect and develop the existing forest area, step by step meet the demand for timber and forest products for consumption and export; To transform the existing plantation forests to 15,000 ha for big timber production and business, to plant new big timber trees on 8,000 ha of non-forest land and re-plant 30,000 ha of big timber trees on the exploited land.


The major timber species are focused on the area include: prickly, eucalyptus, chestnut, blue limon, black star, acacia, pine, in which eucalyptus is the main plant with an area of 90%. The project also considered the province as the strength of the province and maintained the development of 21,000 hectares of pristine forest in the area of protection and production forests to combine economic development and environmental protection.






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