Chestnut White Charcoal

<> Chestnut white charcoal is one of the hardwood species that equates to other types of natural wood. In terms of the use of logs, which are very famous, it is the only wood used in the interior design of the palace, the works of the families of the Ming Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty. Barley has both artistic value and historical value.

Depending on the region and living environment, there are different shapes and colors, usually light yellow or pink chalky wood, white sapwood, red heartwood, reddish brown to reddish brown. dark. The wood is generally straight, the wood surface is tight, wood fiber firmly beautiful …


Abundant raw materials are brought to the collection in a separate area.


Chickens are removed from the waiting cart.


The material is selected by standard size, five years to make the best product.


The worker sorts and brings it back to the stove.


Materials are cut and classified into the oven.


White coal product is standardized.

– Carbon content (%):> 90%

– Ash content (%): <2.5%

– Sulfur content (%): <0.01%

– Total calorific value kcal / kg:> 8000kcal / kg

– Moisture (%): <3%

Burning time: 3 hours (3 times longer than normal charcoal)

Viet Charcoal.,JSC – Valuable Gift of Nature!

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