The threats of old type of charcoal to human health

<> Coal honey is only 100-200 thousand, each house can own a charcoal charcoal kitchen is small, convenient, easy to use, economical. Because of the outstanding advantages that charcoal grill is increasingly preferred, especially with low income families.
 According to the survey, honeycomb stoves are present on most streets in the country. Walking around the main streets or the small alleys can not count how many charcoal briquettes are bare or cranky with cardboards across the sidewalks, under the trees, foot poles, even under the road.
It is more dangerous when these honeycomb stoves are placed near the power source, the engine contains gasoline and combustible materials. Many households for charcoal stoves are burning near old motorbikes, rusty and leaking gasoline or countless charcoal stoves at the entrance of old neighborhoods – where there are plenty of people.
honeycomb. Each charcoal stove generates a poison
It is worth mentioning that in some densely populated areas such as hospitals, schools, the appearance of thicker pavement charcoal stoves. At lunch time, at the street eating business, almost every store uses one, two charcoal stove (3 tablets in a kitchen) for cooking. Not only that, to ensure the fever, some street vendors also carry the charcoal stove above the pans or fat pot boiling water.
Bringing the story of the toxicity of charcoal fire to honey said to a shop owner in popular Gia Phong, I was scolded as water slap in the face: “I sit next to the charcoal cooking time what’s wrong The sidewalks here are boring, the house does not use. If you do not cook on the sidewalk, the roadside will not bring this coal furnace into the middle of the house or star. Then how business can be.
 Estimated, every day Hanoi people burned thousands of coal honeycomb. The waste from coal slag is tens of tons, not to mention the amount of toxic waste generated from the coal-fired process. This is a “silent killer” for the capital. Given that, people have many reasons to choose coal stoves; However, not everyone is aware of the dangers that it brings.
 The statistical results of the Hanoi Police show that many of the fires stem from the reckless use of honeycomb charcoal, of which about 10 motorbikes are burnt next to the coal stove each year.
Check out the harmful effects of honeycomb stove with your health

1 – Coal gas poisoning
Inside honeycomb gas usually contains toxic gases such as SO2, NO2, CO. So many families were poisoned by honeycomb gas when cooking coal in the room.

Tác hại cực nguy hiểm khi đun nấu bằng bếp than tổ ong

Toxic gas from honeycomb stoves affects the environment

    2 – Causes lung disease
    When you burn coal, you will accidentally inhale poisonous fumes into your body. This affects your lungs. This is also the cause of pneumonia, bronchitis and high lung cancer.

    3 – lethal gas
    Incineration of honeycomb in closed rooms can cause asphyxiation leading to death. Many pitfalls have occurred, such as charcoal burning in the bathroom for bathing, heating coal for heating, etc. Since coal contains poisonous gases, when inhaled, they cause suffocation.

    4 – The risk of miscarriage
    Pregnant women who live in polluted environments with carbon dioxide smoke are at risk for miscarriage, high birth defects. Pregnant women should therefore be careful when cooking charcoal so as not to affect the fetus.

    5 – Respiratory cancers
    With heat-retaining cotton (used for cooking) can also cause respiratory cancer to the user or accidentally inhaled.

    Tác hại cực nguy hiểm khi đun nấu bằng bếp than tổ ong-2

    The use of honeycomb is more likely to cause cancer of the respiratory tract
  • 6 – Fire, burns
    In many cases, honey bee charcoal can cause fire or accidents for young children. In cases where careless parents, baby or fall into the charcoal honey cooking stove can cause severe burns, ….

    7 – Environmental pollution
    When boiling coal is heated, it generates gases such as CO2, CO, SO2 … which affect the atmosphere, causing environmental pollution.

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