Coffee White Charcoal

<VietCharcoal.vnCoffee is a tropical species, living in humid environments with an average rainfall of 1500 mm per year and a temperature of 19-25 ° C. Most industrial coffee plantations near the equator and at altitudes of 300 -2,000 m above sea level.

The coffee plant originates in Africa. There are three types of coffee, and each type has many variations. Variations of coffee are the result of natural and biological change.

Three types of coffee are Coffea Arabica – Coffee, Robusta Coffee – Coffee, and Coffea Liberica. Only Arabica and Robusta coffee are of economic value. Three quarters of the world’s coffee is Arabica.

In the wild, wild coffee can reach a height of 7 to 10 meters.


After many years of harvest, coffee trees need to be planted and become a good source of raw materials for the production of white coal.


Materials must meet the standards for binoculars


With abundant raw materials and abundant raw materials, Viet Co always meet all production demands and quality of domestic and foreign partners!


Funny pictures in production 🙂

Vietnam Coal Company manufactures Binchotan Coffee based on Japanese technology. Production of standard binoculars:


– carbon content (%):> 90%

– Ash content (%): <2.5%

– Sulfur content (%): <0.01%

– Total calories kcal / kg:> 8000kcal / kg

– Moisture (%): <3%

Burning time: 3 hours (3 times normal)

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