The differences between black and white charcoal

In recent years, besides the traditional charcoal then appeared on the market a new coal types are called white coal. Must be not less than rắng people wonder what is it? Whether it be white as the name or still is black like other coal categories? In this article the Viet Charcoal will share with you about the white Coals, the differences as well as the great value of this product to human life than traditional black coal that many commonly known.

The technology used in white coal production and technology as well as refining time is long and much more difficult than with normal black coal. This technology is applied mainly in Japan, some places in China and Korea. Today, the world admits its coal-making techniques and applies it in the fields of modern science. Viet Charcoal has been bringing a product that is good for human health in people’s lives, for medical applications in the scientific world, or simply for grilled meat.


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Basically charcoal makes your hands black when used. But white coal will not be dirty because it is as hard as steel, the outer shell will have white dust, perhaps so-called white coal.

Process of conventional coal production and white coal

In general, in order to make wood charcoal burned to coal at temperatures between 400 and 700 ° C, the furnace is then sealed until it stops burning and the heat is gradually removed. Now you can see the surface of the coal is black. Black coats soft and keeps the outer layer of wood. It is also easy to burn and pink enough to be used as a tea for tea, and cooking food everyday usually includes industrial use. But black coal will decay (about 1 hour), when the fire produces more smoke, more ash and less heat.

Process of making white charcoal Charcoal


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White coal is formed by the carbonization of wood at a relatively low temperature. Near the end of the process, the furnace temperature is raised to about 1000 ° C to make the wood red hot. When making white coal, you need to be quite skilled at removing the impurities left in the coal from the furnace and quickly extinguishing it by sealing to remove all oxygen. Often a powder is a mixture of sand, soil, and ash to seal the coal. This is explained in the white coal surface. This is where the name “white coal” is derived. The rapid increase in temperature, followed by rapid cooling, burns the outer layer of wood so white coal has a hard surface – solid – smooth.

When tested by the standard coal testing techniques of the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, white coal may take some more time to burn, but its thermal conductivity is way better than ordinary black coal. The fire produced by white coal lasts long enough to be used as fuel.

Benefits of using charcoal white coal

White coal has many benefits. You can put it in a water tank to purify water and release natural minerals. This will also help absorb the water in the pipeline. White coal also has the ability to warm the body and help improve circulation of blood, skin and hair when added to the bath. It also helps lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

White coal also provides negative ions and bubbles and balances moisture in the air.

Recently, research has shown that electromagnetic waves from electronic devices such as computer monitors and mobile phones are effective for harmful effects on the human body. High temperature charcoal seems to have a special structure that is good at absorbing electricity. Coal must be handled at about 1000 ° C with this absorption capacity.

Again, remember that black coal and white coal may look like normal coal, but it varies depending on the burning time. They also differ in many chemical and physical properties such as carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, ash, hardness, and thermal and flammable values.

In Vietnam, we have abundant raw materials to produce coal such as: you can use mangrove forest to make coal. Lychee, Eucalyptus, and even coffee, coal products are available from Viet Charcoal.

Producing one of the best coal types today with great effects on human life is the mission that Viet Charcoal is always aiming for. And the products of our company will be the first choice for you to bring good health for your family as well as great value.

Viet Charcoal.,JSC – Valuable Gift of Nature!

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