Eucalyptus Black Charcoal

( – Eucalyptus is a major crop for timber and shade trees. Eucalyptus trees are popular because they are suitable for growing into forests, alternating between the plains and the highlands. Eucalyptus is not fertile and easily adapt to a variety of tropical and subtropical climates. With long-time experience in the production of white coal, Viet Charcoal now uses white coal technology to refine black coal from Eucalyptus to produce high quality black coal.20161019_110536

Eucalyptus material is cut down and gathered in place.



The firewood was brought to the factory in difficult terrain, so Viet Charcoal always appreciated every coal produced.



Raw materials are available for quality coal batches

Eucalyptus charcoal is based on the process of producing Japanese charcoal binchotan and was created to refine the charcoal of Viet Charcoal. Produce Black Coal Eucalyptus standard:

1 2 3

BBQ grill, grilled hot pot
Barbecue for Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese restaurants.
Maize stakes, Pavement tile, indoors
Deodorizing, reducing harmful gases, absorbing radioactive substances
Deodorizing in the fridge, kitchen cabinets, restrooms, bedrooms …

Viet Charcoal., JSC – Valuable Gift of Nature!

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