The taste of Japanese White charcoal in Barbecue

Wakayama Prefecture, a sparsely populated area of Japan’s Kansai region, famous for its plum and mandarin specialties. Next is the best way to make the world’s best baked goods with charcoal in the ‘unknown’ category of this region.

Not the usual charcoal, Kishu Binchotan is advertised as a full-fledged product, ranging from filtering deodorant to water filtering and inspiring people.

White charcoal made from locally sourced subame oak is the best-known charcoal for baking, especially Japanese baked goods such as yakitori and unagi. .

The chefs in the world are determined that this white charcoal makes the meat and seafood baked something special flavor that no other coal in the world has.

In Wakayama City, I went to yakitori Mitsuboshi (4 Chome-70 Misonocho; 073-425-0666), called five roasted chicken skewers and one beer.

When I asked the chef why they were using Kishu Binchotan instead of the other cheaper coal, he raised a series of reasons and demonstrated one by one with his grilled chicken skewer.

White coal, he says, produces less heat, no smoke or odor in the food, and most significantly, he says, it flushes out infrared waves, which sound unconvincing.

But I have to admit that the chicken starts to taste better when I slowly believe in what he says.

The next morning, I boarded a train running along the coast from Wakayama City to Minabe to meet and see one of the region’s best Kishu Binchotan miners, Mitsuo Okazai, at his coal-burning plant.

The small coastal town of 14,000 people, surrounded by mountains and with a stream of the same name, is the main producer of the Kishu Binchotan coal, thanks to its uplifted oaks. Where else in the world have been.

This is also the place where the most out ofume, ie plum Japan.

I was fortunate to arrive at the time when the plum blossom began to bloom and the white mountain blooms blossomed, the air smelling sweetly.

At Okazaki’s workshop, he and his assistant were busy making Kishu Binchotan, bringing the wood into the furnace by long hooks with hooks. Ashes fly in the air, creating a cloud of smoke diffused around the oven and parked all over.

I introduced myself while Okazaki wiped his face and grabbed a bottle of water after the huge oak.

In the winter, he said, the warmth of the furnace makes the work here quite pleasant, but in the wet summer of Wakayama, the heat is so hot it can hardly bear.

While waiting for the first fire, he explained the basic process of making Kishu Binchotan.

First, the ubame oak is ‘baked’ at low temperature in a self-made clay oven.

Mitsuo Okazaki is one of the best Kishu Binchotan coal miners

The temperature is then increased rapidly, and the coal sheds off due to oxygen when the oven door is closed, so that the carbon in the wood is preserved. The last thing that makes this coal is different from the process of making other charcoal.

Okazaki said he knew when the wood reached its proper size, by observing that it turned to lemon yellow.

Workers would then pull the burning logs from the furnace and move them to the large ash.

As Okazaki made me watch, the smudges fluttered in the air. Once buried under the ashes, the logs were still pink, continuing to flicker, making the fiery fire look full of life.

The ash leaves Kishu Binchotan cool, leaving a characteristic white charcoal.

I was amazed by the process. The warmth combined with the sparkling light made me silent. I felt the essence of my job, and understood why this Kishu Binchotan family’s work had been going on for hundreds of years.

But the recent popularity of Kishu Binchotan, considered a panacea in families, is thought to be capable of absorbing toxic chemicals that are far superior to other calyxes, making demand Consumption of this coal surged to the point where supply did not meet the demand, so artisans like Okazaki, who rely solely on local oak wood, had to work too hard.

Kishu Binchotan is an effective ingredient in many cosmetics, shampoo and toothpaste; The unburned coal is stored in the corners of the warehouse, in the refrigerator to filter the air and to remove odors.

It is also thought to help improve moods (although this is hard to believe), thanks to the negative ionic content released from the activated carbon, and it is thought to help boost serotonin levels. (the result of an internal biochemical process in the human body) in the brain.

As the makers finished, I asked Okazaki what he thought about the idols of the people that people talked about. He shrugged that Kishu Binchotan should only use the first goal, to eat food.

Go to Kishu Binchotan, Okazaki mentioned a list of wagyu, sheep and yakitori, but said saba shioyakai was the best combination when compared to the taste of this kind. He said that the smell of grilled fish on Kishu Binchotan reminded him of his little spring dinners.

According to Okasaki, the system will keep the secret more than Kishu Binchotan, but not in the way of the class.

Overworked, at this time there are different types of ovens that you can use.

Buttons that that the oven will will destroy the clean wood of the wood. He said that each piece of wood was different, the craftsman had to touch the wood to feel the difference, to choose the cut piece of wood enough to adjust the burning time and to convert the wood to normal size. Bí nhô first whitespace không có công việc.

Kishu Binchotan rules do not take a year after the last year, but to make the whole product longer to next year.

People who are not white Wakayama are not only well-known people who know better. They are also used to preserve the life of the tree, and the same protection of the forest so that the tree is not over-exploited.

Okazaki and other barbers alike pay much attention to maintaining sustainability, product quality, and keeping the secret to maintaining everything for the next system.

And that is the cam to connect to keep the singles so we expect to be better than the most excellent nights.

Source: BBC

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