Products loading at Viet Charcoal Factory

<> Viet Charcoal would like to introduce some photos about the preparation of loading goods to the container to prepare the export, to help you have insight into the activities of the company include: Production – packaging – freight, three of the most important work before the goods reach the hands of customers.


Warehouses are clean and tidy, container cars can go straight to the workshop to facilitate the goods



Products are stacked on pallets, conveniently lined up and save transport time


Special forklifts are used.


To ensure that the goods are not the final step, Viet Charcoal always aim for quality after sales, satisfaction of customers after receiving orders and when using products.


Placing 2 containers at the same time does not make it difficult for the Viet Charcoal team.


Lorry and container line in front of Viet Charcoal – Hai Duong waiting for cargo.


Sealed and prepared to seal the container.



The company also ensures that Viet Charcoal’s products are always competitive, and can be said to be the best market with excellent quality. As a general rule, when a customer buys a product, there are many units involved in the purchase, which invisibly pushes the price of the product higher, because the manufacturer And consumers have to pay more for the parties called intermediaries, sellers. But that does not happen with the products of Viet Charcoal, because the company does NOT use any intermediary channels, the products are directly produced by the company and also sold directly to customers. The price of the product is always the best in the market.

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Viet Charcoal., JSC – Valuable Gift of Nature!

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