Lychee Black Charcoal

Fabrics are a type of fruit tree, commonly distributed in tropical and subtropical regions of Asia where there is no freezing snow frost in winter. It has been a long time since the Thieu litchi was popular in Vietnam. Besides the use of nutritious fruit trees, the export of products from Thieu litchi, the wood was used to refine the coal. Produce high quality coal products.


Viet Nam Coal Company produces black lignite based on the company’s special technological process.


Wood The fabric is classified into a refining furnace, the volume can be up to 40 tons of firewood

20170405_165234Furnace care is one of the most important stages in the refining process.

Most people have a general feeling that black coal when burning produces more smoke, coal ash and also easy to fly up to stick to food, not use long time – very fast. This concept is completely inappropriate for Viet Charcoal’s charcoal, with enthusiasm and experience as well as technical staff, Viet Charcoal has produced a kind of charcoal, which can be said Proximity to the quality of Binchotan coal. As everyone knows, the coal of Binchotan is known as a smoke-free, odorless, low-odor, high-quality coal with long burning times. So Viet Charcoal we can promise that, our charcoal – charcoal can reach 70 – 80% quality from white coal Binchotan.


To produce black coal is no different than the Binchotan coal.


Wood charcoal has many uses:
BBQ grill, grilled hot pot
Barbecue for Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese restaurants.
Maize stakes, Pavement tile, indoors
Deodorizing, reducing harmful gases, absorbing radioactive substances
Deodorizing in the fridge, kitchen cabinets, restrooms, bedrooms …

Viet Charcoal – Gifts from nature!