Origin of Bamboo Charcoal

<VietCharcoal.vn> Bamboo is group of green trunk with woody body, straight bamboo body, hollow inside, divided into many burning, on the bamboo stalks with eyes. Bamboo species, Bamboo species (Bambuseae), some species of this group are very large, and is considered the largest in the Ministry. Bamboo is also a flowering plant, but only blooms once at the end of life. Usually, bamboo has a blooming period of about 5 – 60 years. Bamboo flowers have a strong aroma and a light yellow color as earth. Small bamboos are about 2-3 meters high and there are old trees up to 5 meters tall. The bamboo leaves are small, slim, flat, tapering towards the head. Bamboo is very easy to live, do not need too many conditions. Bamboo grows in populations but not in individual populations.7304440_orig

For thousands of years, bamboo is still attached to the countryside of Vietnam, along with the history of the country, associated with Saint Giong. Bamboo is used for household items, houses (columns, trusses), chopsticks, gutters, basketry, agricultural supplies (bucket, hoe, shovel). Young as bamboo shoots (bamboo shoots). Bamboos include roots for firewood. During the war, bamboo was used as a very effective weapon (bamboo, sticks, bows). Sometimes bamboo is used to make a dress or to make a roof.


Activated charcoal is also known for a myriad of other uses. For example, beauty care is very popular among Japanese and Asian countries in general. Bamboo charcoal is also used to make the cakes taste very unique and good for human health. But not to mention the great and popular effect of charcoal that Viet Charcoal has applied in the past, it is used as charcoal for barbecue. The product is made from activated carbon starch, and is pressed by specialized machinery imported, to ensure stable coal such as activated carbon, high heat and fire resistance.




Bamboo charcoal products are refined. Before being ground into starch


Bamboo charcoal powder



Bamboo charcoal made from bamboo charcoal starch

The furnace process of Viet Nam Coal Joint Stock Company has been directly supervised by experienced dredgers. Therefore, the quality of bamboo charcoal is always ensured at the highest level. This helps us to produce high quality consumer coal.

Free Charcoal – A precious gift of nature!

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