The Origin of Black Charcoal

Charcoal or charcoal is a very light, dark pigment made from wood through wood drying process (removing carbon from other components ) Oxygen is a structural component of wood cells that is highly absorbable and is used as an absorbent, filter, pharmaceutical, fuel or additive. charge of activated carbon and black gun powder.


Black coal production process.

At present, the most common way of burning coal is by burning, which is a way to produce high yield, high capacity. Charcoal in the furnace is a charcoal obtained from the decomposition of wood from leaves or foliage, at a temperature of about 700 ° C, containing no more than 4% of the fly constituents. steam. This is the way that mountain people in Vietnam use to produce charcoal, from fresh trees, capacity of about 7 to 15 cubic meters.


Workers prepare to put materials into the incinerator.

Most people have a general feeling that black coal when burning produces more smoke, coal ash and also easy to fly up to stick to food, not use long time – very fast. This concept is completely inappropriate for Viet Charcoal’s charcoal, with enthusiasm and experience as well as technical staff, Viet Charcoal has produced a kind of charcoal, which can be said Proximity to the quality of white coal (Binchotan). As everyone knows, the coal of Binchotan is known as a low-smoke, odorless, low-odor, high-quality coal with long burning times. So Viet Charcoal we can promise that, our charcoal – charcoal can reach 70 – 80% quality from white coal Binchotan.


Black coal furnaces are built to a large scale, ensuring the production quality standards.

Most of the same type of coal products on the market are burned in a combustion chamber, mass-produced from drum barrels or large metal barrels. Such metal drums will not produce high-yield coal, as essentially the heat content in the combustion chamber is very low, as the metal drum does not hold the heat with a refractory brick built with anti-heat bricks. However, Viet Charcoal always aim to perfect the product, all charcoal is refined by hand-built furnace technology standard of the Japanese. Therefore, the charcoal charcoal always reach the highest quality, high temperature, burning fire, the price is much cheaper than Binchotan coal or sawdust. Suitable for BBQ, grilling, roasting duck, seafood grilling, sweet potato … with the main products: Charcoal lychee, Charcoal maitiew, Charcoal eucalyptus, Charcoal …


Black Coal is cooled down naturally, so it remains black after carbon activation.

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The furnace process of Viet Nam Coal Joint Stock Company is well supervised and supervised by our experienced staff. Therefore, the quality of Black Coal is always at the highest level. This helps us create more high quality Black Coal products.

 Viet Charcoal – A precious gift of nature!

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