Products packing up processes

<> In addition to ensuring the quality of each charcoal produced, Viet Charcoal always ensure the aesthetic aspects. Follow strict steps before the product is packed, such as: Standard size cut, second drying to ensure that the coal is not dehumidified, not explode … Products are put into closure The package must ensure two factors: beautiful, uniform in size and carefully arranged individually. Here are some images taken during the partnership process to the workshop and the first check with Viet Charcoal, feedback partners that are very satisfied with the product. Of course, the orders then the customer completely assured and trust in the quality of products. It is also the goal of Viet Charcoal to always aim for – the trust of customers by working professionally and prestige of the company.

20170414_143710Participate quality testing by blowing and blowing strong wind. “I am very satisfied with the quality of Viet Charcoal’s Binchotan coal, the product is always high in heat and does not explode, the model is beautiful, I will cooperate with Viet Charcoal for a long time and import Most from this company in Vietnam market.



Beautiful design and uniform size is one of the criteria of the team Viet Charcoal when packaging products for partners.




The product is carefully packed


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