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Coconut Shell Charcoal

Coconut black charcoal are made from coconut shells. This is a clean coal product that is completely BBQ natural, environmentally friendly, non-toxic for the user.

Charcoal BBQ charcoal grilled coconut charcoal produced on modern lines should have many advantages compared to other products are available in the market.

Currently, charcoal shells are known as charcoal grilled specialized...

The Origin of Black Charcoal

Charcoal or charcoal is a very light, dark pigment made from wood through wood drying process (removing carbon from other components ) Oxygen is a structural component of wood cells that is highly absorbable and is used as an absorbent, filter, pharmaceutical, fuel or additive. charge of activated carbon...

Maitiew White charcoal from Vietnam

Maitiew can be found in tropical countries such as Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia. A mature tree can be 5 - 10 meters height, hardwood

The tree is now growing very strong and capable of "threatening" many rare animals and plants in the Ya Bok valley area of Chu Mom Ray National Park, Kon Tum province.

According to Mr....

Lychee White Charcoal
Lychee is a woody fruit tree, widely distributed in tropical and sub-tropical regions where there is no freezing snow frost in winter. ...
Eucalyptus white charcoal
Eucalyptus white charcoal is a major crop for timber and shade trees. Eucalyptus trees are popular because they are suitable for growing into forests, alternating between the plains and the highlands. Eucalyptus is not fertile and easily adapt to a variety of tropical and subtropical climates....
Chestnut White Charcoal

<> Chestnut white charcoal is one of the hardwood species that equates to other types of natural wood. In terms of the use of logs, which are very famous, it is the only wood used in the interior design of the palace, the works of the families of the Ming Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty. Barley has...

Coffee White Charcoal

<VietCharcoal.vnCoffee is a tropical species, living in humid environments with an average rainfall of 1500 mm per year and a temperature of 19-25 ° C. Most industrial coffee plantations near the equator and at altitudes of 300 -2,000 m above sea level.

The coffee plant originates in Africa. There are three types of coffee, and...

Sawdust Pressed

1. Sawdust

Have you ever seen a kind of charcoal with four-sided squares, with holes in between when you go to barbeque? Most often in Japanese bakeries.

This coal is called "Coal Sawdust". It is charcoal pressed from sawdust.

This coal looks unlike wood charcoal but it is also made from wood. The difference with charcoal is the...

Briquette Charcoal

The charcoal briquettes are the perfect choice for cooking and baking. Very easy to handle and has an extremely warming value. This is the best choice for baking.

Material: Wood
Shape: Pillow
Size: 50 mm (length) x 40 mm (wide) x 26 mm (height)
Maximum humidity: 8.00%
Maximum ash content: 15.00%
Heating value: 31.38 - 34.19...

Lychee Black Charcoal

Fabrics are a type of fruit tree, commonly distributed in tropical and subtropical regions of Asia where there is no freezing snow frost in winter. It has been a long time since the Thieu litchi was popular in Vietnam. Besides the use of nutritious fruit trees, the export of products from Thieu...