Taking charcoal out from kilns

<VietCharcoal.vn> For the excellent quality products to customers, the team Viet Charcoal always try their best in every task assigned. The staff work with a great love job, and then when the birth of the beautiful coal, each individual in Viet Charcoal hill team feel happy and happy, feel like people. Farmers have a good harvest. Here are some pictures of the company’s process.20170112_164257

Feeling really great when opening the furnace and admire the charcoal fire burns, flaming pink.


Coal without breakage and high yields require high-level combustion



Workers struggling hard, then forget the fatigue and heat up to nearly 1000 degrees C at the oven door.



The coal is quickly put into the metal drums dedicated to gasification, prepared for the coal cooling


Free Charcoal – A precious gift of nature!

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