Chestnut Black Charcoal

One of very old traditional Japanese hardwood charcoal, with a thousands years of age. Chestnut charcoal is always customers’ first choice when they come to our company.

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Product Description

Bare wood is one of the hardwood species that equates to other types of natural wood. In terms of the use of logs, which are very famous, it is the only wood used in the interior design of the palace, the works of the families of the Ming Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty. Barley has both artistic value and historical value.

Therefore, the charcoal always achieve excellent quality whether refined into white coal or black coal.

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Viet Charcoal’s coal is prepared for export

BBQ grill, grilled hot pot
Barbecue for Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese restaurants.
Maize stakes, Pavement tile, indoors.

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Viet Charcoal.,JSC – Valuable Gift of Nature!


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