Coffee White Charcoal

Coffee – one of the most popular beverage in the whole world, everyone knows that. However, not many to know about the Coffee woods can be produced to a really good quality charcoal that our team has been worked on.

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Product Description

Coffee is a tropical plant, living in a humid environment with an average rainfall of 1500 mm per year and a temperature range of 19 to 25 ° C. Most industrial coffee plantations are near the equator and at an altitude of 300 to 2,000 meters above sea level.

The coffee plant originates in Africa. There are three species of coffee, and each species has many variants. Variations of coffee are the result of both natural and biological mutations.

Three coffee species are Coffea Arabica – Coffee, Coffea Robusta – Coffee, and Coffea Liberica. Only Arabica and Robusta coffee are of economic value. Three quarters of the world’s coffee is Arabica.

In the wild, wild coffee trees can reach a height of 7 to 10 meters.


After many years of harvesting, the coffee trees need to be planted and become a good source of raw materials for the production of White Coal.


Raw material must reach standard size in Binchotan Coffee production


With large gathering yards and abundant raw materials, Viet Charcoal always meets all the demands of production and quality for local and foreign partners!


Funny pictures in production 🙂

Vietnamese Coal Company produces Binchotan Coffee based on Japanese technological process. Producing standardized binchotan coffee:


– Carbon content (%):> 90%

– Ash content (%): <2.5%

– Sulfur content (%): <0.01%

– Total calorific value kcal / kg:> 8000kcal / kg

– Moisture (%): <3%

Time of fire: 3 hours (3 times longer than normal charcoal

* Size for each market of Viet Charcoal

     521 520

Viet Charcoal.,JSC – Valuable Gift of Nature!


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