Eucalyptus White charcoal

One of our best seller product for one of the highest standard market in the whole world – Japan. Always been chosen from the best woods with the same size and dimension to make sure every single piece of charcoal is perfect and meet our customers’ expectation. We sell to the highest standard market, so we produce the highest quality products.

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Product Description

Eucalyptus white charcoal is a major crop for timber and shade trees. Eucalyptus trees are popular because they are suitable for growing into forests, alternating between the plains and the highlands. Eucalyptus is not fertile and easily adapt to a variety of tropical and subtropical climates.


Eucalyptus material is cut down and gathered in place.


Whole carriage workers experience many difficulties.


Workers transport materials by highway to production facilities located far from material forests.


Abundant raw materials are collected at the production site.

Than Viet Joint Stock Company produces Bachchan binchotan based on Japanese technological process. Produce standard binchotan Eucalyptus coal:

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– Carbon content (%):> 90%

– Ash content (%): <2.5%

– Sulfur content (%): <0.01%

– Total calorific value kcal / kg:> 8000kcal / kg

– Moisture (%): <3%

Burning time: 3 hours (3 times longer than normal charcoal)

Viet Charcoal.,JSC – Valuable Gift of Nature!


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