Lychee Black Charcoal

Black Coal is made from Thieu lychee wood, one of the company’s best black charcoal products, with black color, durable fire, extreme heat.

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Product Description

Vietnam Coal Joint Stock Company produces lignite coal based on its special technological process.


Wood The fabric is classified into a refining furnace, the volume can be up to 40 tons of firewood.



Furnace care is one of the most important stages in the refining process


Most people have a general feeling that black coal when burning produces more smoke, coal ash and also easy to fly up to stick to food, not use long time – very fast. This concept is completely inappropriate for Viet Charcoal’s charcoal, with enthusiasm and experience as well as technical staff, Viet Charcoal has produced a kind of charcoal, which can be said Proximity to the quality of Binchotan coal. As everyone knows, the coal of Binchotan is known as a smoke-free, odorless, low-odor, high-quality coal with long burning times. So Viet Charcoal we can promise that, our charcoal – charcoal can reach 70 – 80% quality from white coal Binchotan.


To produce black coal is no different than the Binchotan coal

Wood charcoal has many uses:
BBQ grill, grilled hot pot
Barbecue for Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese restaurants.
Maize stakes, Pavement tile, indoors.

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Viet Charcoal.,JSC – Valuable Gift of Nature!



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