Lychee White Charcoal

Lychee can easily be found in South East regions, and of course Vietnam is one of those. Best known for fruit and juice, but not many know about the finest hardwood charcoal has been made from lychee wood, it has been very popular over the market and one of our best seller product

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Product Description

<VietCharcoal.vnLychee is a woody fruit tree, widely distributed in tropical and sub-tropical regions where there is no freezing snow frost in winter. 

Viet Charcoal Joint Stock Company manufactures Lychee White charcoal based on Japanese technology.


First, the raw material wood is well prepared and cut, then loaded into  the kilns, compressed at high pressure.


Remain the kilns at high temperature (up to 1000 degree) to fully coalize the wood.

At the nearly end of the progress the kiln’s temperature is raised to 1000 degrees Celsius and the kiln is completely sealed to allow the coal to burn in an airless environment. When the coal is completed, the charcoal will scrape out and quickly coat it with a powder to cool it quickly. This powder is a mixture of sand, soil dust and ash. The rapid increase in temperature, followed by rapid cooling, burning the outer layer of wood should make wood charcoal surface hard – solid – smooth .


Best use for:
Home Barbecue as well as for restaurants
Deodorizing, reducing harmful gases, absorbing radioactive substances
Deodorizing in the fridge, kitchen cabinets, restrooms, bedrooms …

Viet Charcoal., JSC – Valuable gift of Nature!


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