Mixed Forest-wood Black Charcoal

All type of mixed Forestwoods, we picked all the best tree-trunk based on Viet Charcoal’s standards to produce. We are a leading company in manufacturing new range of products from different sources of marterial.

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Product Description

In 2016, Vietnam is known as a major exporter of charcoal. The coal importers of Vietnam are mainly Japan and South Korea because the two countries have more coastline, grilled seafood is the main food should be more charcoal forest. In addition, the Middle East countries such as Iraq, Iran, Turkey … very cold so the demand for heating coal is very high. Due to the lack of supply, these countries have recently shifted to import from Vietnam.


High quality forest wood charcoal for large amounts of heat and longer burning time.

Most of the same type of coal products on the market are burned in a combustion chamber, mass-produced from drum barrels or large metal barrels. Such metal drums will not produce high-yield coal, as essentially the heat content in the combustion chamber is very low, as the metal drum does not hold the heat with a refractory brick built with anti-heat bricks. However, Viet Charcoal always aim to perfect the product, all charcoal is refined by hand-built furnace technology standard of the Japanese. Therefore, the charcoal charcoal always reach the highest quality, high temperature, burning fire, the price is much cheaper than Binchotan coal or sawdust. Suitable for BBQ, grilling, roasting duck, seafood grilling, sweet potato … with the main products: Charcoal, Charcoal, Charcoal, Charcoal …


Black Coal is cooled down naturally, so it remains black after carbon activation.

The burning process of the Coal Corporation has been experienced by the staffs directly to do and monitor the quality of black coal firewood of the company is always guaranteed at the highest level. This helps us create more high quality Black Coal products.

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