Mixed Forest-wood White Charcoal

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Vietnam’s forests have diverse biological resources. It can be said that our country is the center of income streams of plants and animals from the north down, west through, south up and from here distribute to other places in the region. At the same time, our country has the height from sea level to over 3,000 m, so there are many types of forests with rare and rare species of plants and animals that temperate countries can not find.

Along with the promotion of timber exploitation in the forest area has reached the age, Coal Corporation also attach importance to replanting forests in these areas. Facilitate production, with abundant raw materials. To ensure quality as well as production in the production of white coal Binchotan.


Pre-production materials are cut with special saws.


Finished coal, classified by workers – cut and pack up to standard 10kg.


Viet Nam Coal Company manufactures Binchotan Firewood based on Japanese technology. Produce binchotan charcoal Firewood meets standard:

– Carbon content (%):> 90%

– Ash content (%): <2.5%

– Sulfur content (%): <0.01%

– Total calorific value kcal / kg:> 8000kcal / kg

– Moisture (%): <3%

Burning time: 3 hours (3 times longer than normal charcoal)

* Size of products for each market of Viet Charcoal

     521 520

Viet Charcoal.,JSC – Valuable Gift of Nature!


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