Sawdust Pressed

1. Sawdust

Have you ever seen a kind of charcoal with four-sided squares, with holes in between when you go to barbeque? Most often in Japanese bakeries.

This coal is called “Coal Sawdust”. It is charcoal pressed from sawdust.

This coal looks unlike wood charcoal but it is also made from wood. The difference with charcoal is the artificial charcoal. The coalization and cooling processes compared to the wood charcoal are no different. (of course, coal fired by Japanese technology, different from Vietnam)

At cheaper prices, the heat, burning time, baking qualities … not losing much white coal is a plus in terms of economy.

Another plus point is the size of the grill suitable for cooking, clean carton so you will not have to spend time preparing coal.

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2. Difference with other baking coal

As sawdust is also a form of artificial coal, in the form of many people are often confused with charcoal powder or charcoal coconut shells on the market.

Sawdust is produced by compression molding into pre-wood, then baked to charcoal and cooled. Red-fired charcoal is the last stage so no smoke, no odor when burning.

Pressed charcoal or coconut shells using charcoal powder or coconut charcoal grinding. It is also a natural material, but the coal-fired technology is simple and then used to binder the coal. Actually, when burning, there is still a lot of smoke and smells. Professional chefs never choose this type of coal.


The product is always in size and high quality.

3. Sawdust also has many types

As well as wood charcoal, there are many types of sawdust coal.

We use the press from Japan. High pressures and temperatures contribute to the production of raw materials and coal burning processes. Heat and long burning time meet the high demands of professional cookers

You can test coal by burning coal, watching from the coal core to the outside. Good coal fire from the inside out. Bad bads usually only burn in the hole.


10kg canned sawdust.


Viet Charcoal.,JSC – Valuable Gift of Nature!

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